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VSOM Glass is an architecture glass manufacturer specializing in a wide range of building glass projects for commercial, residential, and public sector projects.

We offer a wide range of architectural glass, including laminated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, curved glass, and interior decorative glass for individuals, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies.

VSOM exists to provide quality glass solutions–helping you design and create the best architectural or interior possible.

Glass cutting line

VSOM Factory

VSOM Timeline

  • 1991 Established glass processing factory in Dongguan
  • 1997 Start to build a supply network to provide multiple glass solutions
  • 2005 Investment in a decorative glass factory in Dongguan
  • 2013 Shenzhen airport T3 terminals glass project
  • 2018 Smart glass factory for higher-end partition solutions
  • 2019 Build a factory in Cambodia for glass construction projects
  • 2020 Shenzhen airport satellite concourse project
  • 2021 Move sales office to Shenzhen and set up a new brand VSOM GLASS to expand market overseas


VSOM aims to provide high-quality building glass solutions base on each customer’s specific applications.

With an experienced technical team and continuous researching investment, VSOM can offer glass solutions that meet higher-end standards. Such as large size laminated glass 3300mm*16000mm, with a thickness that reaches 19mm, large radius curved glass, crystal silicone fireproof glass, and various complicated decorative glass processing.

glass test


With skilled workers, precision glass processing equipment, and strict production management, VSOM can provide our customers the reliable and quality glass solutions.

Laminated Glass Production Line

Laminated Glass Production Line

Tempered Glass Heat Soaking

Tempered Glass Heat Soaking

insulating glass production

Insulating Glass Production Line

smart glass production line

Smart Glass Processing

glass edging line

Glass Edging Line

float glass warehouse

Float Glass Warehouse


International Standard CE, BS, SGCC, SAI, CCC, ISO, etc.

From float glass warehouse management, raw material inspection, glass processing to glass delivery packages, VSOM implements a strict quality control process.

glass curtain wall


VSOM aim to provide the best quality glass solutions and sales service.

One-Stop Glass Solution

VSOM Glass provides one-stop glass solutions if you needed. From concept verification, glass drawings to construction consultant.

Package & Delivery

Our glass is packaged in a wooden box for export to prevent glass damage—support shipping by boat, train, air, and express delivery.

Related Products Service

VSOM suppliers glass-related products for better service, such as point fixings, steel bolts, U channels, hinges, assembly brackets, etc.


We keep updating glass knowledge and manufacturing processes for you, to better understanding the glass industry and VSOM company.

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