With the continuous development of manufacturing technology, glass has a variety of functions now, such as security use, structural use, soundproof, thermal insulation, etc. So come to check what glass functions you will need for your project. If you’re not sure which types of glass you are looking for, talk with us now to find a suitable glass solution!

Anti Reflective

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Glass with anti-reflective functionAnti-reflective technology uses the magnetron sputtering method to form an anti-reflection film on a single surface or two surfaces of ultra-clear glass. It reduces the reflectance of light to less than 1%.It has the characteristics of high transmission, low reflection, no [...]

Privacy Protection

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Glass for privacy protectionThe glass itself is a high transmission material. Therefore, during the development of glass technology, people invent multiple glass types for privacy protection use.Smart glass/PDLC switchable glassSmart glass can switch transparent and frosted states by an electric circuit. It can use [...]

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