Glass is everywhere in our daily life, such as furniture, display cabinets, picture frames, facades, partitions, railings, doors, windows, stairs, roof, skylights, etc. And these glass products have a wide range of applications in residential buildings, office buildings, landmarks, banks, schools, aquariums, sports facilities, etc.

Glass splashbacks from VSOM: Why choose us?

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Glass splashbacks from VSOM: why choose us? The glass splashback is a panel used in kitchens to protect walls from splashes. They are commonly used behind the stove in kitchens to protect the wall from splashes and heat damage. Let's discuss its advantages [...]

Padel glass: Tempered glass for padel court construction

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What is padel glass? Padel glass is tempered glass for the padel court construction. Padel is a new trending sport. It is often played in doubles on an enclosed court, approximately 25% smaller than the size of a tennis court. And the outdoor [...]

Glass Louvers | Glass Blinds

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What are glass louvers? The glass louvers or glass blinds are structures in which several glass pieces are fixed in parallel at the same angle. Firstly, it is a trending facade shading system used for the exterior applications of residential and commercial buildings. [...]

Glass roof & skylights

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Glass Roof & Skylights Introduction Various buildings that need daylight use glass roofs and skylights. For example, hotels, stations, airport terminals, department stores, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, museums, hospitals, and residential buildings. Large patio covered with various forms and colors of glass, constituting an [...]

Glass railing Glass balustrades

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Glass railing is a commonly used element by designers. It is simple and elegant, exquisite, easy to clean, and does not require maintenance. In the building decoration, the proportion of railings is not significant. Still, it can affect the beauty and practicality of [...]

Glass Display Cabinets | Glass Showcase

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Go around the museum or luxury stores, and you will find that the display cabinet glass is a bit special. It's almost non-reflective, good in light transmission, and natural in color. Moreover, compared with regular glass, it seems to be stronger. However, showcase glass [...]


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