What is padel glass?

Padel glass is tempered glass for the padel court construction. Padel is a new trending sport. It is often played in doubles on an enclosed court, approximately 25% smaller than the size of a tennis court. And the outdoor padel court wall is generally made of glass.

What type of glass can use in a padel court?

According to the Documentation of “Regulations of The Padel Game” from The International Padel Federation (FIP):

The walls may be made of any transparent or opaque material (glass, brick, etc.) but always with the correct consistency and which ensures a uniform bounce of the ball. Whatever the material it must have a uniform surface which is hard and completely smooth, and which allow bodily contact or sliding balls. The color of opaque walls should be of one, uniform color and preferably of green, blue or terracotta tone, and clearly different than the floor surface colour. It will be allowed the logo imprinting or painting but not more than one for single wall and with dimension and colours that do not interfere with player’s vision.

Glass courts must comply with the standards for tempered/plate glass:
– European Union: EN 12150-1.
– Other countries: Should consult their own standards


So the padel court glass is usually 10mm or 12mm tempered glass, with a flat surface and polish edge.

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What’s the difference between VSOM padel court glass and non-branded padel court glass?

VSOM tempered glass meets the required certifications for padel courts. In addition, with a strict quality control process, our tempered glass has the following features:

Perfect Flatness

The glass of padel courts should have a uniform surface that allows sliding ball rebounds. So it has a strict requirement of tempered glass flatness. So how to ensure the perfect flatness of tempered glass?

The flatness of the glass itself is mainly determined by the quality of float glass production and tempered glass processing. Firstly, the high-quality float glass is the basis. VSOM cooperated with multiple major float glass companies for many years. Our cooperating float glass manufacturers have mature production processes to ensure the flatness of the float glass. We also have our float glass warehouse with a strict inspection system, which can keep the supply of high-quality float glass.

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Another essential part of the tempered glass flatness would be tempering equipment and process. VSOM’s tempering equipment has a heating balance in the furnace to achieve convection heating. And it has a precision temperature control system and an automated cooling air system. As a result, it can eliminate the temperature difference and avoid glass bending.

Safety Insurance

The Heating Soaking Test is a must-have process for tempered glass. It can reduce tempered glass self-exploring rate. VSOM process 100% heat soaking test for all the padel glass.

Precision Size

VSOM’s manufacturing standards are higher than the required EN 12150-1 documentation. In addition, with high automated computing cutting machinery, our tempered glass has a precision cutting size.

glass hole
glass edge

Flat Polish Edge

A flat polish edge can protect people from hurting and make the glass a beautiful piece. Grinding by the diamond wheel, the micro-cracks formed during the opening (cutting) are smoothed away.

Beautiful Holes

The drilling process makes holes or slots on the glass plate with a diamond drill. All holes openings are chamfered to eliminate micro-cracks.

Free Customized Logo & Other Service

VSOM provides free customized logo service to our customers, helps them promote the brands, and stands out from your competitors.

Please email us to get a presentation if you need a further introduction about our padel court glass process.

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