What is smart glass? How does it work?

Smart glass, or switchable privacy glass, is a safety glass with a switchable opaque and transparent effect. It compounds the liquid crystal interlay into the middle of two layers of glass through high temperature and high-pressure processing. Thus, this photoelectric glass product has both characteristics of safety glass and electronically controlled curtains.

switch glass structure

In normal states without power, the liquid crystal particles in the glass interlayer are in scatter randomly, they break light passage, and turn the glass opaque. When a low voltage is applied, the liquid crystal particles aligns, allow light to pass straight through, and make the glass transparent.

how switchable glass works

Why do we love smart glass?

It protects privacy!

Smart glass can switch the transparent and opaque state of the glass at any time.

It can use as a projection screen!

The PDLC switchable glass is an excellent projection screen. In a suitable light environment, the projection imaging effect is precise and outstanding.

Smart glass is a safety glass!

Due to the laminated glass manufacturing process, the interlayer in the smart glass firmly bonds the glass sheet. Therefore, when an impact shatters the glass, the glass fragments will stick to the interlayer. Therefore, there will be no fragments splashing and hurting people.

It blocks UV!

The smart glass can shield more than 98% of ultraviolet light, protecting indoor furnishings from fading and aging due to ultraviolet radiation. And it can also protect personnel from diseases caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation.

It has a sound insulation function!

The PDLC switchable glass has a sound damping effect, effectively blocking noise up to 38 decibels.

Where can use switch glass?

Office Partitions

Switchable glass partitions in office areas can replace curtains, screens, and curtain walls. The new tech materials fully display the new elements and highlights of the design. It effectively protects privacy at any time and ensures that every corner is spacious and bright.


The magic glass can separate the bedroom and shower room in the hotel suites. It keeps the space open and well partite the area.

Residential, Villa

Switchable privacy glass doors, windows, partitions, and screens can meet the high-end customer needs in residential buildings.

Public Facilities

Smart glass can apply in monitoring rooms, public facilities, shop doors, entertainment facilities, booths, etc.

Projection Screen

PDLC glass provides 140° ultra-wide-angle visibility. Compared with traditional projection screens, it dramatically improves image clarity and quality. As a result, it can display rich and delicate colors and quite shocking effects.

Special Space

The switchable glass can use in public space that needs higher safety levels, such as finance, military, security place, etc. In case of danger, it can instantly change the transparent state of the glass and protect people and property’s safety.

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