The Netflix drama “Squid Game” has been a trend recently. How do you think about the fifth game, Squid Game Glass Bridge? Is it thrilling?

Two parallel high-altitude glass bridges are randomly arranged glass, including strengthened glass and ordinary flat glass. Once the participant steps on the regular glass, they will fall off and out of the game. In contrast, if stepping on the strengthened glass all the way to pass the level.

So here’s the question: Is the description of strengthened glass in “Squid Game” accurate? How to distinguish toughened glass and ordinary glass?

The answer is yes. The description of tempered glass in Squid Game Glass Bridge is correct. The strengthened glass mentioned in it is what we are talking about that glass has been tempered.

After the special treatment of reheating and rapid cooling of the glass sheet, it can double the surface strength. This heat treatment process will make the glass composition uniform. Some subtle visible defects can be observed at particular angles. Changes in surface strength should also make the percussive sound crisper.


Safety glass is essential!

The strengthened glass is a type of safety glass. It has a high strength to resist impacts, and also not easy to harm people even it brokes.

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