What do you need to know about copper-free mirrors?

The mirror is a frequent glass in buildings or home decorations. The typical followings are silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors. However, with the requirements of modern society for environmental protection, and environment-friendly mirror comes to mirror. So, if you’re considering a copper-free mirror, here’s something you need to know.

What is a copper-free mirror?

Copper-free mirror (also an Eco-friendly mirror) is a silver mirror. Whether ordinary silver mirror or copper-free Mirror, both are coated glass, and their production process is similar; all these must option high-quality float glass. The regular silver mirror coating combines silver and copper, but the copper-free mirror is covered with a unique metal film instead copper after being coated with silver. Finally, lead-free paint (The varnish is light grey color) on the back of the mirror can produce a high-quality copper-free and lead-free mirror.

Where can we use the eco-friendly mirror?

The eco-friendly mirror can be used in vanity mirrors, dressing mirrors, decoration wall cladding, exterior, and interior decorations, Framed mirrors, Custom mirrored tabletop, and so on.

copper-free mirror
copper-free mirror
copper-free mirror
copper-free mirror
copper-free mirror
copper-free mirror

What’s the benefits of copper-free mirrors?

  • The ordinary silver mirror uses copper coating during production. Since copper is a heavy metal element, the waste of copper during the production and use of silver mirrors will impact the environment. other, the ordinary silver mirror varnish has lead, which is also harmful to the environment. However, copper-free mirror adopts lead-free and copper-free materials and achieves the concept of environmental protection.
  • Usually, the ordinary silver mirror will be coated with a copper layer after silver plating. But, a copper-free mirror replaced it with a particular metal film, reducing oxidation and having better corrosion resistance. Generally, the time for copper-free mirrors to oxidize is about a year. Still, it will mainly be affected by the on-site environment.
  • Copper-free mirror has the features of clear imaging, high reflectivity, high brightness, and good color reproduction, high durability. Therefore, the quality of the copper-free mirror is better than that of an ordinary mirror.

How to protect the mirror in daily life?

  • Keep the space dry
  • Wipe the moisture on the mirror surface,
  • Wipe with water. If there are fingerprints and other stains, wipe the soft cloth with water, avoid using acid-alkaline cleaning products, and accelerate the corrosion of mercury on the mirror surface.

Can we provide a copper-free mirror?

Yes, we can! VSOM offers both copper-free mirrors, silver mirrors, and aluminum mirrors. And there are multi colors to choose from, like ultra white, black, golden, grey, etc. other, the best way to ensure a mirror is copper-free is to ask the manufacturer or distributor of the product.