Fluted Glass, sometimes we say Ribbed Glass or Moru Glass. It has become the darling of interior design and even product design due to its excellent appearance and broad applicability. Today we will discuss ribbed glass from the following aspects:

  1. What is fluted glass?
  2. Features of ribbed glass
  3. Applications of ribbed glass

What is fluted glass?

Fluted glass or ribbed glass is a kind of vertical textured glass. The whole glass body is vertical stripes, regular and concise. Designers can match the regular refraction transmission effect of ribbed glass with various design styles. Then create multiple types of indoor and outdoor spaces.

fluted glass factory

Features of ribbed glass

Privacy protection but light transmission

As the glass surface has concave and convex patterns, it can effectively block the line of sight from the outside but does not affect light entry. It will refract light regularly along the concave and convex vertical lines, creating a hazy beauty.

Broad applicability for different design styles

It does not have an overly strong style attribute so that it can adapt to most design styles. It can appear in various spaces in different ways. Its beauty and unique temperament irradiated by light are powerful tools to enhance the space sense.

Glass Type and Thickness

There are clear fluted glass and ultra-clear fluted glass. As you may know, the clear glass is slightly green. In comparison, ultra-clear glass is whiter and more transparent, and light transmittance can reach 91.5%. Moreover, as a low-iron glass, it has fewer impurities, its physical properties are also relatively higher. As for the ribbed space, there are wide and narrow styles for different design styles. Available thicknesses are 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.

Applications of ribbed glass

Fluted Glass Doors

The most common use is to use ribbed glass as a door. However, whether it is a sliding door in the kitchen or a swing door in a bathroom, the appearance can be instantly improved by several grades when matched with fluted glass.

fluted glass house entrance
ribbed glass door

Ribbed Glass Partitions

The unique texture of fluted glass also makes it an expert in decorating the space. This light-transmitting and non-perspective hazy feeling serves as a partition to divide the space. It will not block the light but can also increase the beauty.

moru glass bathroom partition


Regarding furniture materials, whether it is a glass tabletop or a glass cabinet door, fluted glass can play an excellent artistic effect.


The effect is excellent whether used as a container or an ornament; directly cutting colorful fluted glass into a simple shape can become an art.


We can also choose ribbed glass for lamps made of glass because the texture reflection of moru glass is artistic and layered light.

VSOM Glass has a textured glass warehouse in China; we offer various fluted glass thicknesses and sizes. Please get in touch with us directly for wholesale prices.

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