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With the continuous development of manufacturing technology, glass has a variety of functions now, such as security use, structural use, soundproof, thermal insulation, etc. So come to check what glass functions you will need for your project. If you’re not sure which types of glass you are looking for, talk with us now to find a suitable glass solution!

Thermal Insulation

Glass for thermal insulation-energy saving Thermal insulation glass can prevent outdoor heat in tropical areas and reduce indoor heat loss in cold regions. There are three primary forms of heat transfer: heat conduction, heat radiation, and heat convection. The thermal insulation glass mainly focuses on reducing heat conduction and radiation. Reduce heat conduction The thermal conductivity of gas is [...]

Anti Reflective

Glass with anti-reflective functionAnti-reflective technology uses the magnetron sputtering method to form an anti-reflection film on a single surface or two surfaces of ultra-clear glass. It reduces the reflectance of light to less than 1%.It has the characteristics of high transmission, low reflection, no shadow. As a result, it can use in showcase and picture frame glass in museums, aquariums, [...]


Glass for acoustic insulation Glass for soundproof can weaken and attenuate sound transmission, which has a sound shielding effect. It is usually double or multilayer composite structure glass. Insulating Glass Insulating glass has a good sound insulation effect on medium-wave noise, such as the sound of people talking. But its impact on long-wave noise is not apparent, such as [...]


Glass for structural use A structural member is an entity made of a specific material, has a particular shape, and can bear a load, such as beams, columns, rods, etc. With the continuous improvement of the performance of glass products, the use of glass as a structural material has become a new highlight in modern architecture. The current main [...]

Safety & Security

Glass for safety and security use High strength & safety Tempered glass has high impact strength, high bending strength, and high thermal stability. In addition, it can withstand sudden temperature changes. Meanwhile, it forms particles without sharp edges when broken. So It's not easy to harm the human body and becomes a widely used safety glass. Laminated glass has [...]

Privacy Protection

Glass for privacy protectionThe glass itself is a high transmission material. Therefore, during the development of glass technology, people invent multiple glass types for privacy protection use.Smart glass/PDLC switchable glassSmart glass can switch transparent and frosted states by an electric circuit. It can use in indoor partitions, glass doors windows.Patterned Glass/Textured GlassPatterned glass has an uneven surface. As a result, [...]


Glass for decoration There are various types of decorative glass, such as patterned glass, acid etched glass, laser-etched glass, curved glass, fused glass, digital printing glass, wire-laminated glass, color mirrored glass, etc. Glass for decoration has a wide range of applications. VSOM corporates with designers for multiple decorative-glass developments. We're uploading more decorative glass samples for your reference. New [...]


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