Elevating Aesthetics: VSOM’s Clear Tempered Curved Glass in New York Elevator Projects

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Curved tempered glass is not only used in various fields such as stairs, but also popular for elevator exterior glass. A New York customer was looking for high-quality glass for a series of elevator projects for home elevators, and we specially provided a [...]

Ideal for stair landing guardrails in American villas: 12mm ultra-clear curved steel glass

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Our VSOM company received customers from the United States who were looking for the most suitable material for the railings of the staircase platform of their luxury villa, and our company's 12mm ultra-clear curved tempered glass became their first choice. [...]

Transform Your Space with Stunning Curved Glass – Elevate Your Design Vision Today!

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Design concepts and innovative applications of curved glass design concept Curved glass serves a purpose beyond mere aesthetics; it seamlessly integrates functionality with structural integrity. Employing curved glass allows designers to craft a sleek aesthetic that elevates the dynamics and visual allure of [...]

Elevating Urban Living: Laminated Safety Glass Railing Installation in Seattle

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At VSOM, we are dedicated to providing premium glass solutions that prioritize safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with one of our esteemed glass railing contractors in Seattle, USA, who graciously shared installation photos of our laminated [...]

Transforming Acoustic Comfort with Laminated Glass: A Case Study in Soundproofing

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Introduction In a world where acoustics play a significant role in creating conducive learning environments, Canadian educational institutions are continuously seeking innovative solutions to address the noise challenges faced by their students and staff. Recently, VSOM worked with our Canadian client for the [...]

3rd Customization: Why New Zealand Customer Keeps Choosing Our Tempered Glass

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At VSOM, we pride ourselves on building enduring relationships with our clients, providing unparalleled quality and service. Recently, a client from New Zealand entrusted us with their third order, further cementing their trust in our products and services. Project Introduction: The client is [...]

Customization of Double-Arc Bent Tempered Glass: Customer Case

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Double-arc bent tempered glass is difficult to fabricate and not easy to install and apply, so it has always been a headache item for many glass manufacturers. However, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The following is our Lithuanian customers inquiries [...]

Sixth Time Providing SGP Glass for a Big Seattle Client’s Terrace Frameless Guardrail Glass

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Sixth Time Providing SGP Glass for a Big Seattle Client's Terrace Frameless Guardrail Glass When it comes to architectural beauty, safety, and functionality, glass is a material that never fails to impress. And when it's used in the construction [...]

The Ultimate Guide to PDLC Smart Glass: What You Need to Know

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The Ultimate Guide to PDLC Smart Glass: What You Need to Know In the realm of modern architectural innovations, PDLC smart glass has emerged as a game-changer, transforming the way we interact with glass surfaces. Short for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, PDLC smart [...]

Smart and Stylish: Incorporating PDLC Smart Glass in Residential Architecture

By |2023-07-21T08:39:57+00:00July 21st, 2023|Categories: Glass Knowledge|

Smart and Stylish: Incorporating PDLC Smart Glass in Residential Architecture In the rapidly evolving world of residential architecture, homeowners and designers are constantly seeking innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with timeless style. One such remarkable advancement that has taken the design industry [...]

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