Glass for acoustic insulation

Glass for soundproof can weaken and attenuate sound transmission, which has a sound shielding effect. It is usually double or multilayer composite structure glass.

Insulating Glass

Insulating glass has a good sound insulation effect on medium-wave noise, such as the sound of people talking. But its impact on long-wave noise is not apparent, such as bus engine noise, train noise, airplane noise, etc. The sound insulation performance is related to the glass thickness, gas spacer, the number and width of the layer.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass has a better sound insulation effect, especially laminated glass with sound insulation interlayer. However, due to the techniques level of manufacturers, the sound insulation effects are also different. Therefore, the excellent insulation performance is related to the glass thickness, interlayer thickness, flexibility, and type.

Insulating Laminated Glass

The composite products insulating laminated glass have the advantages of both insulating glass and laminated glass. So it’s a mainstream noise reduction glass.