Glass doors and windows 

Glass doors and windows play a significant role in buildings. The doors are for traffic connections, and the window’s primary function is lighting, ventilation, and viewing.

In addition, doors and windows play a significant role in the style of the building. The different glass materials can make multiple-style doors and windows.

Choice of doors and windows glass

As an essential part of building enclosures or partitions, doors and windows should prevent the erosion of natural factors such as wind and rain and meet sound insulation requirements. So how can we choose a suitable glass type?

There are multiple specifications for glass. And the essential characteristics we should know about glass are thermal insulation, light transmission, and sound insulation. Then we can choose the glass type according to the specification.

For example, In cold areas, the requirements for glass should be good heat preservation, low heat insulation, and high light transmission. As for the different positions, if the building is on the side of the street, we should choose the high sound insulation performance glass, such as laminated insulating glass.