A glass floor, as the name implies, is a floor made of glass. We can use it in residential, commercial exhibition venues, factory workshops, office buildings, park attractions, and also places such as hospitals and the military for specific purposes.

Glass Floor Benefits

Impact Resistance

It uses tempered glass, which has strong stability and impact resistance.

Light Transmission

It has good light permeability, increasing the room’s lighting and filling the room with natural light. At the same time, it can increase the room’s space to a certain extent and make the room look more spacious and bright. In addition, different decoration styles can integrate with the transparent floor to create a sense of suspension.

Easy to Clean

The primary material of the glass floor is silica, so it will not have the same fear of corrosion and insects as the wooden floors, etc. And you can also wash it directly with water, which is a convenient cleaning.

Special Use Glass Floor

In some scientific experiments, researchers can observe on the clear floors and process dangerous operations below.

Choice of Glass

It can use single-layer tempered glass, double-layer laminated tempered glass, multi-layer (more than three layers) tempered glass, and composite insulating tempered glass. They are all made of tempered glass. Different environments and usage requirements have different combinations of glass thickness and the number of layers.