Glass Stair Introduction

With the development of building decoration materials, step stairs use many new materials now, and glass is one. A glass staircase is a staircase with glass in whole or in part. Many different types of material can match the glass staircase, and it mainly highlights the glass material’s transparent effect.

So there are generally divided into two categories according to the composition of materials. One is allglass stairs, and the other is stairs with some parts made of glass. The load-bearings of the all-glass staircase, such as steps, railings, pillars, structural beams, and handrail fences, are all made of glass, with only a few metal fixings or no fixings installed. In contrast, the partglass staircase has steel structures, wood structures, and other structures.

Choice of Glass

Nowadays, glass stairs usually use laminated tempered glass. It’s a high-performance safety glass with impact resistance. In addition, there are many different textures surface to choose from for both decoration and anti-skid.