Glass for privacy protection

The glass itself is a high transmission material. Therefore, during the development of glass technology, people invent multiple glass types for privacy protection use.

Smart glass/PDLC switchable glass

Smart glass can switch transparent and frosted states by an electric circuit. It can use in indoor partitions, glass doors windows.

Patterned Glass/Textured Glass

Patterned glass has an uneven surface. As a result, the light diffuses when it passes through, forming the characteristic of high light transmission but not see clear.

Digital Printing Glass

The glass that uses digital printing can have multiple colors and pictures for different applications. Thus, it has decoration usage and also protects privacy.

One Way Mirror

A one-way mirror is a kind of glass with high reflectance to visible light. Standing in one way sees it as a mirror, and the other sees it as transparent glass. It has installation and lighting requirements.