What is a glass curtain wall?

The curtain wall is a kind of facade in modern buildings. The earliest version was steel materials wall. Nowadays, it uses lots of glass surfaces and aluminum alloy brackets. Therefore, it is often referred to as glass curtain walls.

It does not assume the main structure but the exterior protective or decorative design. It comprises a panel and a supporting structure system, which can have a specific displacement capacity relative to the main body or a certain deformation capacity by itself.


The glass curtain wall has an excellent visual effect. It is the outer garment of the building and also the soul of the building. It is the external expression of architectural style. And the glass is a beautiful and easy-to-use design material, making many designers rely on it to create a sense of beauty.

Office buildings and other high-rise buildings demand natural lighting, and glass lighting is perfect. In addition, it significantly reduces the intensity of indoor artificial lighting during the day.

Glass can create a sense of airiness and extension. For example, sufficient lighting will make the interior of the building more open.

Choice of curtain wall glass

Modern architecture glass has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, frost prevention, moisture resistance, and high wind pressure resistance. Glass with thermal insulation and other energy-saving properties, such as Low-E glass, has been widely used in curtain walls to save energy. In addition, as ecological awareness increases, UV-coated glass prevents the birds from striking and reduces the environmental impact.