Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass offers improved strength and durability compared to annealed glass. It is created by heating the glass to a high temperature and then cooling it, which increases the surface compression and makes the glass more resistant to breakage and thermal stress. Read more from our blog: Heat-Strengthened Glass: Understanding its Properties and Benefits.

This type of glass is commonly used in various applications, such as architectural facades, skylights, electronic displays, and automotive windows. Heat-strengthened glass provides a good balance between strength and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various applications that require a strong yet durable glass product.


  • Glass Type: Heat-strengthened glass
  • Thickness: 3mm, 4mm; 5mm; 6mm; 8mm; 10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 19mm; 22mm; 25mm (1/8 inch to 1 inch)
  • Size: As per customer requirements, Max raw glass size 4600mm*9000mm or 3300mm*22000mm (180*354 inch or 130*866 inch)
  • Color: Clear, Ultra Clear, Tinted, Coated
  • Optional Processing: Edging, Polishing, Drilling holes, Side opening, Cut to size, Coating, Printing, Laminating
  • Manufacturing Standard: CE, BS, SGCC, SAI, CCC, ISO


  • Sample: Free standard sample available (freight collect)
  • Order Production Time: 7-20 days
  • Glass Package: Strong and well-packaged plywood case
  • Shipping Methods: Ocean, Air, Train, Express delivery