What are glass louvers?

The glass louvers or glass blinds are structures in which several glass pieces are fixed in parallel at the same angle. Firstly, it is a trending facade shading system used for the exterior applications of residential and commercial buildings. Furthermore, the different glass blades achieve multiple visual effects.

Why choose glass louvers as a facade shading system?

Wind Guiding

The proper opening angle prevents the solid outdoor winds affect the interior of the building. Moreover, it maintains adequate ventilation at all times.

Solar Control

The louvers can open at certain angles depending on the solar sunlight angle. In other words, it has a shading control function and also saves energy.

Space Saving

The rotating opening method of the louvers determines that when a certain amount of ventilation reaches, the required space is minimal.

Privacy Protection

There are also frosted glass, ribbed glass, or coated glass materials to make the blinds for privacy protection.

Multiple Control

Unlike the curtain wall, the glass louver can open in many control methods: fixed, manual, mechanical transmission, electric, fire linkage, remote control, etc.

Decorative Glass Louvers

Various colors and glass materials are available for the louvers for multiple design styles.

Glass louvers

Choice of Glass

As we know, different glass application place has the specific requirements. Therefore, there are multiple glass materials to make functional and aesthetic glass blinds. So please don’t hesitate to contact the VSOM team to find the best solution.