Glass railing is a commonly used element by designers. It is simple and elegant, exquisite, easy to clean, and does not require maintenance. In the building decoration, the proportion of railings is not significant. Still, it can affect the beauty and practicality of the house. There are various railings to choose from in the building materials market. And glass railings are both practical and beautiful.

Why glass railings?

Elegant Design

Firstly, The glass balustrade’s design is generous and straightforward. Unlike the heavy and cold iron railings, the glass guardrail looks refreshing and straightforward on the whole. In addition, the frameless glass railing is the trend in high-end designs.

Better View

Secondly, the glass balustrade provides a clear view of the surroundings and a sense of spatial extension.

Less maintain

The railing glass material has a smooth and compact surface. Therefore, compared with stone railings, it has a good self-cleaning performance. It will not paint stripping, rusting, and no need to maintain every year compared with metal railings.


Glass balustrades generally use laminated tempered glass. Even if the glass broke, the film in the middle of the laminated glass has a bonding effect on the glass fragments, so it will not fall and hurt people.


You can also customize the laminated balustrade glass with frosted style, which has excellent privacy protection.


The tempered glass for balustrades has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and long service life advantages.

Glass balustrades

How to choose glass for railings?

Glass Material

Glass railings generally use laminated toughened glass. Tempered glass will not cause harm to people. As for the higher buildings, the interlayer of laminated glass will have a binding effect on glass shards and will not fall and hurt people.

Glass Thickness

Regarding the thickness of balustrade glass, it can vary based on different regions and the application place. In addition, the no-frame glass balustrade should be thicker than the frame glass balustrade.


You can freely customize the glass color or style according to your own needs. For example, ultra-clear tempered glass will be a good choice for stairway glass if you need high transparency effects.