Partition refers to a facade dedicated to separate indoor spaces. It redefines the space, explores new possibilities. The glass partition wall system can distinguish the area perfectly and maintain good indoor lighting, giving people a transparent sense of freedom.

Why glass partitions?


It can perfectly divide the functional area but does not affect the daylighting. On the contrary, the transparency of the glass makes the space wider and brighter. Moreover, it enhances the sense of hierarchy.

Privacy Protection Glass Partition

As for privacy protection, the glass can choose various materials, for example, patterned glass, glass brick, switchable glass.


Unlike the traditional ones, the glass partition can reuse for many years. In addition, there is minimal damage after disassembly, which reduces the cost of relocation.

Easy Installation

The installation is faster than ordinary partition walls. And it has no odor emission, which can use immediately after installation.

glass partition

Choice of Glass


It generally uses safety glass, such as tempered glass or laminated glass, to prevent personal injury.


The glass can combine wood frame, steel frame to achieve different effects. And there is transparent glass or pattern glass for multiple-choice—even smart glass, which can switch between frost and transparent effect.