Glass for safety and security use

High strength & safety

Tempered glass has high impact strength, high bending strength, and high thermal stability. In addition, it can withstand sudden temperature changes. Meanwhile, it forms particles without sharp edges when broken. So It’s not easy to harm the human body and becomes a widely used safety glass.

Laminated glass has interlayers between two or more pieces of glass. Even if the glass break, the shards will be stick on the interlayer. And the glass surface remains clean and smooth. Thus, it effectively prevents the occurrence of debris piercing and penetrating fall incidents and ensures personal safety. In addition, it can use tempered glass for raw material and makes a high-strength laminated safety glass.


The regular float glass, tempered glass, and coated glass will burst in a fire and cannot stop the spread of flames and smoke. In contrast, fireproof glass can maintain its integrity and have thermal insulation capacity in a period. As a result, it gains time for disaster relief and fire fighting. VSOM supplies high borosilicate fireproof glass and crystal silicon fireproof glass that meets the fire-resistant requirements of different regions.

Bulletproof & Anti-smashing

Bulletproof glass and anti-smashing glass is composite laminated glass made of tempered glass and high-strength organic materials. It can withstand bullet shooting and the effect of preventing smashes within a certain distance and time. According to specific requirements, we can select different materials to form various composite structures. The bulletproof and anti-smashing glass is ideal for high-security needs, such as banks, prisons, valuables displays, etc.