Float Glass Export from VSOM Reaches the USA: Quality and Efficiency Guaranteed

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A glass processing factory in the USA has placed a second order for float glass from VSOM, a wholesale glass supplier. The customer was impressed with the quality and efficiency of the first shipment and has returned for more. The latest shipment includes [...]

Laminated float clear glass to Dominica

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Laminated float clear glass to Dominica  We loaded one 20GP container on Mar 11, 2022, which included 10mm,6.38mm,12.28mm float clear glass and 10.38mm thickness float bronze glass. It will be shipped to Dominica. The client is a professional contractor for any kind of glass [...]

10mm and 12mm float clear glass shipping to UK

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10MM& 12MM Thickness float clear glass to UK  We loaded one 20GP open top container on Jan 19, 2022, which included 10mm and 12mm thickness float clear glass, it will be shipped to UK, client will use these for Aquarium. [...]

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