A glass processing factory in the USA has placed a second order for float glass from VSOM, a wholesale glass supplier. The customer was impressed with the quality and efficiency of the first shipment and has returned for more. The latest shipment includes 10mm and 12mm float glass, ideal for secondary processing into toughened, laminated, and other glass products.

VSOM offers a wide range of clear, ultra-clear, and tinted float glass in various sizes and thicknesses, ensuring a stable and fast delivery due to their abundant stock levels at their warehouse. In addition, the float glass provided by VSOM is of exceptional quality, making it an ideal choice for secondary processing to produce tempered, laminated, and other glass products.

With many years of glass export experience and expertise in large-volume glass transportation and packaging, VSOM has become a trusted source for glass processing factories seeking to increase their exports to the United States. The factory’s recent return order is a testament to the superior quality and reliability of VSOM’s float glass.

Float Glass Export from VSOM Reaches the USA Quality and Efficiency Guaranteed