Heat-Strengthened Glass: Understanding its Properties and Benefits

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Glass is a versatile material that has found its way into numerous applications across different industries. From architectural and interior design to automotive and electronic devices, glass is widely used due to its aesthetic appeal and durability. Heat-strengthened glass has unique properties and [...]

Why is the electric switch glass price so different from different manufacturers?

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Why is the electric switch glass price so different from different manufacturers? The electric switch glass can switch between transparent and opaque states at will. Many people have seen the instantaneous transformation effect of smart glass on TV or the Internet. When our [...]

Textured glass around our life

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Textured glass around our life We always see these glasses in our lives, but for all most people don't know that it is called textured glass (also figured glass, patterned glass). Patterned glass has these characteristics, like keeping a balance between beauty and [...]

What is anti-reflective glass? How does it work?

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Introduction: What is anti-reflective glass? Anti-reflective glass, also known as AR glass, is a coating glass with high light transmission. We use magnetron sputtering to form an anti-reflection coating on a single surface or two surfaces of ultra-clear glass, which significantly reduces the [...]

What is ultra-clear glass? Why choose low iron glass?

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Introduction: What is ultra-clear glass? Ultra-clear glass is also known as low iron glass. By reducing the iron content in the glass, the glass has a crystal texture visual. There is no greenish visual effect like ordinary clear glass, whether viewed from the [...]

What is glass brick? Why use glass block or glass tiles?

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What is a glass brick? A glass brick, glass block, or glass tile is a glass building material made of transparent or colored glass pressed into a block or hollow box shape. The main varieties are hollow glass blocks, solid glass blocks. What [...]

Why the curved glass of “The Ice Ribbon” is challenging to make?

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The curved glass of  "The Ice Ribbon" Beijing National Speed Skating Oval, also known as "The Ice Ribbon". The silver-white curved insulating glass and the interlayer light strip are perfectly combined, just like a circle of ice ribbons. With smooth lines and dynamics, [...]

Explore different types of the glass curtain wall (1) Frame type

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Introduction 1. What is a framed-type glass curtain wall? The glass curtain wall supported by a metal frame around the glass panel is called a frame-type glass curtain wall. It generally uses aluminum alloy and steel profiles to fix the glass and various [...]

What is Fluted Glass (Ribbed Glass/Moru Glass)?

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Fluted Glass, sometimes we say Ribbed Glass or Moru Glass. It has become the darling of interior design and even product design due to its excellent appearance and broad applicability. Today we will discuss ribbed glass from the following aspects: What is fluted [...]

What is fire resistant glass?

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What is fire-resistant glass? Fire-resistant glass or fireproof glass’s role in fire prevention is mainly to control the spread of fire or isolate smoke. It is a measure type of fireproof material whose fireproofing is evaluated by its fire resistance performance. It is [...]


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