Overcoming logistical challenges: delivering 7300*2760*12mm ultra-clear and extra-large glass to Turkmenistan.

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introduction The demand for ultra-clear glass is increasingly popular nowadays, as many businesses seek to better showcase their products and make them more appealing to customers. Recently, VSOM welcomed an important client from Turkmenistan who has a strong demand for our 7300 * [...]

European Customer Receives Delivery of Ultra-Clear Curved Tempered Laminated Glass

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VSOM's Expertise in Curved Glass Project We’re proud to announce the successful completion of a curved glass project for a European customer. The customer, a glass processing factory, was faced with the challenge of producing a large piece of curved glass that was [...]

What is ultra-clear glass? Why choose low iron glass?

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Introduction: What is ultra-clear glass? Ultra-clear glass is also known as low iron glass. By reducing the iron content in the glass, the glass has a crystal texture visual. There is no greenish visual effect like ordinary clear glass, whether viewed from the [...]

19mm ultra-clear tempered glass for luxury residential frameless railings

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Our customer in Spain will use this batch of ultra-clear tempered glass in a luxury residential project. The glass is 19mm thick, with a 100% heat soaking test, which will make a frameless railing system. One of our specialties is the manufacture of [...]

Low iron toughened glass ready for delivery to Europe

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Low iron toughened glass ready for delivery to Europe The low iron float glass quality directly affects the visual effects of low iron toughened glass. That's why VSOM insists on using high-quality float glass in the glass processing line. As a result, this [...]

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