The demand for ultra-clear glass is increasingly popular nowadays, as many businesses seek to better showcase their products and make them more appealing to customers. Recently, VSOM welcomed an important client from Turkmenistan who has a strong demand for our 7300 * 2760 * 12mm ultra-clear glass and colored laminated glass.

Project Challenges

This project presented us with numerous challenges. Firstly, the ultra-clear glass has an exceptionally long length and an unusually high height, which posed significant difficulties for transportation. Secondly, as Turkmenistan is a landlocked country, transportation options are limited. In our search for transportation methods, we found that there were no 400T open-top containers available by rail, and using a 40GP container to first ship by sea and then transfer to land transport greatly increased the customer’s freight costs, plunging us into a dilemma.



We decided to adopt an innovative approach to solve the transportation issue. We customized special iron frames, placed the glass diagonally on the frames, and then used rail transportation, significantly reducing the customer’s transportation costs.


Our ability to produce such oversized ultra-clear glass is thanks to our advanced equipment and superb craftsmanship. These state-of-the-art facilities ensure that we can consistently manufacture high-quality, large-sized glass products, meeting the customer’s demand for special specifications.

Laminated glass Quality

We use high-quality adhesives and carefully operate the glass when it is combined to ensure that there is no air residue. If necessary, vacuum treatment can be performed. Not only does it have excellent safety and stability, it has a longer service life and can withstand the test of time and the influence of various environmental factors.

Project Outcomes

Through our unremitting efforts and innovative thinking, we successfully resolved the transportation challenges and smoothly delivered the batch of ultra-clear glass and colored laminated glass to the client in Turkmenistan. The client expressed high praise and satisfaction for our professional capabilities and solutions, which has laid a solid foundation for our future cooperation.

Our adaptability and innovative spirit in facing complex problems highlight our consistent customer-oriented approach, and our determination and attitude to go all out to solve problems. We believe that in future development, we will continue to meet every challenge with this spirit, providing customers with higher quality products and services.