VSOM’s Expertise in Curved Glass Project

We’re proud to announce the successful completion of a curved glass project for a European customer. The customer, a glass processing factory, was faced with the challenge of producing a large piece of curved glass that was too large for their production line. This is where we stepped in to provide our expertise in the field of custom glass solutions.

The curved glass that was produced by VSOM was 21.52mm thick ultra-clear tempered laminated glass, with a height of 1139mm and an arc length of 3410mm. This piece of glass was designed for use as a glass guardrail next to an elevator in a shopping mall. The high-quality tempered laminated glass provides both strength and durability, ensuring that it will provide long-lasting protection for the elevator and the people who use it.

We are thrilled to have played a part in this exciting elevator project and look forward to future opportunities to work with this valued customer. Thank you for choosing VSOM for your glass needs!

Custom Glass Solutions

In addition to this project, VSOM provides a wide range of custom glass solutions to various customers, including distributors, glass factories, builders, engineers, designers, architects, and many others. We have the expertise and the technology to produce a wide range of custom glass products, including curved glass, to meet the unique needs of each of their customers.

VSOM’s expertise in the production of curved glass, along with our commitment to providing high-quality custom glass solutions, makes them the ideal partner for customers who need custom glass products for their projects. Whether you are a glass processing factory or a builder, VSOM has the experience and the resources to provide you with the custom glass solutions that you need.