Glass splashbacks from VSOM: Why choose us?

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Glass splashbacks from VSOM: why choose us? The glass splashback is a panel used in kitchens to protect walls from splashes. They are commonly used behind the stove in kitchens to protect the wall from splashes and heat damage. Let's discuss its advantages [...]

Look! Amazing architectural design!

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Look! Amazing architectural design! It is a uniquely designed building. The following photos showcase the look of the many different glass facades in these buildings, which display their unique and beautiful building styles and glazing. Architects used complex glass in the outer covering [...]

Low iron toughened glass ready for delivery to Europe

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Low iron toughened glass ready for delivery to Europe The low iron float glass quality directly affects the visual effects of low iron toughened glass. That's why VSOM insists on using high-quality float glass in the glass processing line. As a result, this [...]

Triangle tempered glass delivery to Malaysia

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We can find triangle tempered glass in triangle glass facades, glass shelves in corners for bathrooms, or other positions of the triangle shape. It has a strong loading capacity, and a bright appearance, and is easy to clean when used for shelves or other [...]


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