Look! Amazing architectural design!

It is a uniquely designed building. The following photos showcase the look of the many different glass facades in these buildings, which display their unique and beautiful building styles and glazing. Architects used complex glass in the outer covering of high-rise buildings, such as thermally toughened, curved laminated, insulating glass units.

insulated glazing
curtainwall glass

With technology development, Using glass is frequently in high-rise buildings for outer covering. But, high-rise residences differ from high-rise buildings. High-rise residences only allow windows to use glass. The curtain wall is a vital part of construction systems and moreover, the curtain wall of building envelope uses transparent glazing material frequently.

Then, why do so many high-rise buildings like to use glass for exterior walls? To explore this, we must realize which glass can be used in building walls and the advantages of using glass in facades? In this article, we will explore it.

By understanding the curtain wall glass process through which is a complex glass as it’s available to adjust multiple structural functions in construction.

glass facades

Firstly, choose toughened glass in glass facades.

Tempered glass is a safety glass and has high strength than ordinary glass. Glass tempering process will increase its strength to resist wind pressure, thermal stress, or both. In addition, toughened glass is safe when glass breaks, it just shatters into some small pieces, and the granular chunks are less likely to cause injury.

toughened glass

Secondly, using IGU in curtain wall glass.

Developing the tempered glass into double or triple insulated glazing with reflective coatings or low-E coating. Using laminated glass may also as part of the construction outer covering. Insulating glass units can isolate your business from outside noise. IGU has excellent thermal insulation performance because the desiccant in the aluminum frame keeps the air in the glass cavity dry for a long time through the gap on the top of the frame. Besides, IGU glass can prevent indoor temperature loss because the double-layer glass curtain wall improves the thermal insulation performance of the building, and the sunshade can carry out natural ventilation for a long time. The structure can entirely save energy and reduce energy consumption.

insulating glazing

Thirdly, cost-effective material & easy to change.

Glass is more cost-effective than other curtain wall materials and is easy to change when suffering problems. So these are why building facades always use glass on them.

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