We can find triangle tempered glass in triangle glass facades, glass shelves in corners for bathrooms, or other positions of the triangle shape. It has a strong loading capacity, and a bright appearance, and is easy to clean when used for shelves or other indoor furniture. While it also has an excellent visual effect for facades. However, since we cannot cut the tempered glass to size after tempering, we need to confirm the glass size and the holes’ position before producing it. VSOM offers multiple cut-to-size tempered glasses, such as triangles, rounds, trapezoids, etc.

tempered glass triangle
tempered glass triangle

This batch of clear tempered glass is ready for delivery to Malaysia, following are our general specifications for your reference:


  • Glass Type: Triangle tempered glass
  • Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm (multiple thicknesses available from 3mm to 25mm)
  • Size: Customized size,  Maximum raw glass size 4600mm*9000mm and 3300*22000mm
  • Color: Ultra Clear (Multiple colors available, clear, ultra-clear, tinted, etc.)
  • Manufacturing Standard: CE, BS, SGCC, SAI, CCC, ISO
  • Optional Processing: Edging, Drilling holes, Cutting to size


Glass for the building, like facades, roofs, floors, etc. Glass for indoor furniture, such as bathroom shelves, showcases, etc.

The composite glass type of triangle tempered glass

It can make laminated tempered glass, curved tempered glass, insulating tempered glass, coated tempered glass, etc. So please get in touch with us for more details.