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Tempered Laminated Glass

tempered laminated glass

Tempered laminated glass is a high-quality safety glass made by fusing two or more layers of tempered glass with a clear or colored interlayer.

This glass is widely used in commercial and residential applications due to its excellent durability, safety, and aesthetics.


  • Tempered laminated glass is highly resistant to impact, breakage, and penetration, making it an excellent choice for areas where safety is a top priority.
  • Additionally, it provides improved sound insulation and UV protection while maintaining a high level of transparency.
  • It also provides excellent resistance to fire, making it ideal for high-risk areas.


  • Thickness: from 6mm to 25mm
  • Interlayer: SGP/PVB/EVA
  • Color: Clear/Ultra Clear/Colored (offering a variety of design options to match any style or aesthetic)
  • Size: As per customer requirements
  • Available Processing: Cut to size, Edging, Drilling holes, Side opening, Coating (confirm before production)
  • This glass can be customized to fit any size or shape, making it perfect for large windows, skylights, shopfront, glass doors, etc.


  • Glass Packing: Tempered laminated glass is carefully packed to ensure safe delivery. The glass is usually packed in wooden crates, separating each panel by cardboard, paper film, or powder. The glass is then secured in the box to prevent movement during transport. VSOM offers customized packing solutions depending on each customer’s application requirements.
  • Order Production Time: 7-30 days (Delivery times may vary depending on the size and complexity of the order, but most orders can be delivered within a few weeks.)
  • Shipping Methods: Sea, Train, Air, Express (terms option EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU, etc.)

VSOM Tempered Laminated Glass Applications

Following are a few customer cases related to tempered laminated glass; click each to see more details.


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