Advantages of Using Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated safety glass has several advantages over ordinary glass, including the following:


Laminated safety glass is designed to protect the broken glass. When impacted, the interlayer of the glass absorbs the shock, preventing the glass from shattering into sharp pieces. Instead, the glass will only produce fine cracks, and the fragments will remain attached to the interlayer. This makes it safe for people and property. It can withstand accidental impacts in vertical and sloping installations, keeping the glass intact and protecting against weather effects until it is replaced.

Laminated glass breaks

Penetration Resistance

Laminated safety glass is tough and provides excellent resistance to break-ins. Even if a thief manages to break the glass, the interlayer will hold the broken pieces together, preventing the thief from entering the building. Standard laminated glass can resist penetration by ordinary impact objects.

Laminated glass


Laminated safety glass with PVB interlayer has a damping function against sound waves, which can effectively suppress noise transmission. This makes it an excellent choice for buildings near airports, train stations, busy streets, or on both sides of roads.

sound insulation

UV Protection

Laminated safety glass can protect against harmful UV radiation from the sun. With various stable colors and PVB interlayers that can absorb more than 99% of UV radiation, laminated safety glass can control heat gain from visible light and infrared wavelengths while protecting valuable furniture, artwork, displays, or merchandise from fading due to UV radiation.

Laminated glass UV block


In conclusion, laminated safety glass is smart for anyone looking for a safe, secure window or door solution. Its unique features protect against accidents, break-ins, noise pollution, and UV radiation while maintaining a clear view. By correctly selecting, using, and maintaining laminated safety glass, you can ensure that your investment will last for years.