Curved glass is glass with an arc shape. It combines practical and aesthetics to allow designers to expand their creativity and finds more modern architecture possibilities.

There are two types of it: Curved tempered glass & Hot bending glass.

Curved tempered glass

Curved tempered glass is a safety glass. By processing the glass to its softening point through specific molds and equipment, then use cold air to cool it quickly and uniformly. As a result, the tempered glass forms uniform compressive stress on the surface, the tensile stress inside, which effectively improves the glass’s bending and impact resistance. When broken, it splits into tiny particles that are uniform and have no split-mouth, and are not easy to hurt people. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a secondary processing capability.

Hot bending glass

Hot bending glass is not a safety glass. So firstly, we heat the glass to close to the softening point. Then uses various specific molds to make the glass a non-planar shape and naturally cool down. It can process cutting, drilling holes, etc.