Our Tempered Glass Safety Performance Test – Shot Bag Impact Test

To verify the safety performance of our tempered glass products, we conduct industry-standard tests, including the shot bag impact test, which simulates the risk of injury caused by a 45kg person running at full speed and hitting the tempered glass with their head. The shot bag impact performance program is designed to verify that tempered glass meets safety standards and can protect against potential injuries.

During the test, a shot bag weighing 45kg is dropped onto the tempered glass sample from different impact heights of 300mm, 750mm, and 1200mm. A tempered glass sample is safe if it does not break after impact. If the sample is damaged, the total weight of the ten largest fragments of each sample should not exceed the weight equivalent to the sample area of 65cm², and the length of any glass fragments without penetrating cracks remaining in the frame should not exceed 120mm. A sample that meets one of these requirements is considered to have passed the standard.

We carefully record the impact results and the state of the tempered glass after each impact. Our tests have shown that our tempered glass products far exceed the standard requirements for safety performance, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality and reliable products that protect against potential injuries. Follow us for more products.