What is fire-resistant glass?

Fire-resistant glass or fireproof glass’s role in fire prevention is mainly to control the spread of fire or isolate smoke. It is a measure type of fireproof material whose fireproofing is evaluated by its fire resistance performance. It is a special glass that can maintain its integrity and thermal insulation in the specified fire resistance test after a special process and treatment. We can select the basic material glass of fireproof glass from float glass, tempered glass. Composite fireproof glass can also be manufactured from a single piece of fireproof glass.

Borosilicate fire resistance glass

Borosilicate fire resistance glass has a unique borosilicate composition. Due to the excellent float optical quality, it provides a distortion-free visual effect and also has large-size glass specifications. As a result, it can maintain a clear and transparent effect at all times.

• Very low thermal expansion coefficient
• High thermal shock resistance
• Fully toughened to meet high-level impact resistance requirements
• Fire rating over 2 hours
• The low iron content of borosilicate glass ensures the true and natural reproduction of colors
• Maximum transmittance of visible light and sunlight

How to choose it?

Before choosing, we should be clear about the specific fire protection requirements, such as fire, heat insulation or smoke, fire resistance limits, etc. We can not cut single and composite infusion-type fireproof glass with a glass knife.

And we should consider the fire durability of the glass and the support structure. All the elements must also meet the needs of fire resistance. The application of fireproof glass is not simply to change the non-fire-resistant materials to fireproof materials. Likewise, it is not just to replace regular glass with fire-resistant glass but also to consider it a fire protection system. We should consider the fire resistance level of the various factors of the entire system. If necessary, testing is required to determine.

When designing or selecting, paying attention to the corresponding relationship between the glass size and the fire-resistant performance level. This is because the main function of fire protection is to control the spread of fire