How tempered glass is made?

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Tempered glass is a second processed glass from float glass. In the glass factory, we need to cut the large size of float glass to the required tempered glass size first. If the glass piece has a drilling cut opening request, we must perform [...]

Can tempered glass cut you?

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Tempered glass can cut you, but just minor cuts; it shouldn't cause serious injury. It is a type of safety glass. When it breaks, its shatters are tiny particles that cannot easily cause serious harm to the human body. Read more from our blog: [...]

Can tempered glass break on its own?

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Yes, tempered glass has the possibility of self-exploding. It's because the raw material contains nickel sulfide crystals. The case of clear tempered glass self-exploding is three among one thousand, while ultra clear tempered glass has a much lower self-exploding rate. Read more from [...]

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