Flat Tempered Glass Impact Resistance Test

In a previous article, we discussed the safety testing of tempered glass through the shot bag impact test. In this article, we will demonstrate the impact resistance of tempered glass through a ball-drop test. The ball-drop impact test is a standard method for evaluating the impact resistance of tempered glass. The glass sample is placed horizontally during the trial, and a steel ball of a certain mass is dropped freely from a specified height. If the glass sample does not break, the tempered glass’s impact resistance meets industry standards. This test aims to simulate the risk of objects falling and impacting tempered glass.

In this test, we conducted four impact tests at heights of 1m, 1.5m, 2m, and 2.2m. Steel balls weighing 1040g were dropped from each height onto the glass—none of the glass samples shattered during any of the tests. Our ball-drop test demonstrates that our tempered glass meets industry standards for impact resistance.

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