Why is the electric switch glass price so different from different manufacturers? The electric switch glass can switch between transparent and opaque states at will. Many people have seen the instantaneous transformation effect of smart glass on TV or the Internet. When our company or home needs to be renovated, we may want to learn more about it and see if we can use it. However, after inquiring with some suppliers, you may find that the electric switch glass price is different between companies. Why? How should I choose?

Today’s switchable glass is no longer a single product but a category with many differences. For example, some types are suitable for indoor partitions, some are suitable for car windows, and some are better for projection screens. Here we explain:

How is the price of electric switch glass for indoor use so different?

The switch glass comprises three parts: the glass, the PDLC film, and the interlayer film. Different material combinations cause the price difference.

First of all, the difference between glass:

  • Color Difference: Different glass color has different price. For example, ultra-clear glass is more expensive than clear glass, and the grey or bronze color is more costly than the commonly used clear glass.
  • Float Glass Brand: Different smart glass processing factories use different float glass with different costs. For example, VSOM uses Jinjing ultra-clear glass, which is more expensive than CSG or Xinyi.
  • Size Difference: Large size is more expensive than a small size.
  • Thickness Difference: 10mm + 10mm glass is more expensive than 8mm + 8mm. You can consult the vsom team to find a suitable thickness for your applications.
  • Other Requirements: The drilling, curving, painting process, etc., need extra service fees.

Secondly, the difference between PDLC films:

We can figure out the quality of the PDLC films from the light transmittance, haze, power consumption, service life, etc., which divide into various models.

electric switch glass film

Thirdly, the difference between interlayer films:

The interlayer film combines glass and PDLC film. EVA is commonly used, while PVB and SGP are less widely used. The price difference is inevitable with different interlayers and manufacturing processes or equipment.

How should we choose switchable glass?

Generally speaking, as consumers, we are more concerned about the light transmittance, stability, and after-sales guarantee of switch glass. High light transmittance means good permeability, without apparent white fog on the front. Good stability allows the glass service for many years without problems. While the good after-sales guarantee can quickly solve problems encountered in installation or use, saving a lot of trouble.

Before understanding the quotation, we should first clarify basic needs. For example, my office partition wall uses 5mm + 5mm ultra-clear tempered glass, with an approximate size of 1500*2600mm, and 50 square meters, so the supplier can offer faster and better recommendations.

We recommend choosing a manufacturer that has been in business for more than five years, with a relatively stable technical team and project cases to witness the quality. VSOM exports switchable glass worldwide. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to find more introduction about our switch glass production.

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