6mm thickness shower tempered glass to Canada

6MM tempered glass for our Canadian customer was shipped out last week. It is used for shower doors with SGCC certification. Below are some glass and loading photos for your reference. You could see the polished edge with a flat surface.

Here I want also to share more information about the application of shower door glass with you. The shower glass door is the core adornment of your bathroom, so choosing the right shower door is the most important thing. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect shower door, along with some issues with ordering and installing your new shower door.

Opening types of shower glass doors

  • Inline Doors: It is installed in a shower with a single straight opening and can use sliding glass doors, single swing doors, and any other suitable design doors and panels.
  • Return Doors: It sits at a 90-degree angle. You can choose from a swing door or sliding door with a fixed return panel.
  • Corner Doors: With this option, your shower door is located in the center of two panels, both of which are angled at 135 degrees.
Inline and Return Doors
Corner door

Styles of shower glass door

  • Sliding Doors: It does not take up space and is more suitable for families with smaller bathrooms. As the sliding door often slides, the slide rail must be selected. Otherwise, the sliding is not smooth and easy to explode. In addition, the slide rail groove quickly accumulates water and dust, which is troublesome to clean.
  • Fixed Panel: Fixed panel enclosures offer the purest form of entry. Simple design and easy installation.
  • Swing Doors: It is suitable for large toilets. The switch is convenient and effortless, but the force must be uniform and should not be handled roughly. There should be no items that are easy to knock on the inside and outside of the door; otherwise, it will quickly explode. As the shower room is convenient to enter and exit, the opening will not be small, and the thickness should be at least 8mm. In this case, a piece of the glass door is more than a hundred pounds, so the requirements for the door hinge are very high.
sliding and fixed panel
swing door

Types of shower glass 

You can option tempered clear glass, frosted glass, patterned glass, colored glass, or any glass you want.

frosted glass
ultra clear toughened glass
patterned glass

Height and width of shower glass

Usually between 600-1500mm in width and 1800-2000mm in height. Or you can customize the glass.