Big size anti-reflective glass is shipped to Qatar

For this anti-reflective order, the quantity is small, and the size is very big by 2385*3660mm. The client has found many suppliers, but no one can offer them. She finally found us, as we could accept small quantities and special customized orders.

We have just finished this order in one week, with fast production time, high quality and professional inspection, the client is very satisfied with our service. So If any customized orders, welcome to contact us at any time. Below are some photos of this shipment.

12mm AR glass
AR glass

More information on anti-reflective glass

It is also known as AR glass; its primary function is to reduce or eliminate the reflected light on the glass surface and improve the light transmittance of the glass. The principle is to coat the surface of the glass with multiple optical films to cancel the interference of the reflected light so that the glass has an excellent visual perspective effect. When observing an object through glass, the effect of reflected glare can be eliminated to the greatest extent, making the object look clearer and fuller in color.

How to make it

Anti-reflection glass uses immersion plating to form anti-reflection coatings on the two surfaces of the glass, which significantly reduces the reflection on the glass surface compared with the original glass, and the transmittance will reach more than 98%.

Working size

Thickness range: 3-19mm; maximum size: 5000mm*3300mm

 Product Features

  • Reduce the reflection image, it looks like there is no glass, and the visual clarity is improved;
  • make items more realistic and colorful;
  • All processing properties are the same as the original glass (tempered, insulated, laminated, etc.)