Double-arc bent tempered glass is difficult to fabricate and not easy to install and apply, so it has always been a headache item for many glass manufacturers. However, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The following is our Lithuanian customers inquiries to customize our double-arc bent tempered glass customer cases, let us into their transformation journey.


Our customer is from Lithuania. He is the head of a health institute in Lithuania, and he would like to customize the glass for the atrium guardrail and elevator partition of the teaching building, preferably with high safety and beautiful appearance. At the same time, he also hoped that we could customize the products in advance, and install them on site according to the situation of the teaching building.

We recommended laminated tempered glass according to his requirements, and understood that the guardrail of the teaching building had more curvature, customized double-arc curved tempered glass, and customized the thickness of 13.52 mm through the on-site dimensions given by him, and formulated a perfect glass solution.

Innovations and Challenges

Overcoming the Challenges of Double-Arc Bent Tempered Glass Technology

Bent Tempered Glass

Bent tempered glass is a specialized type of glass that has been carefully heated and then rapidly cooled, resulting in its ability to take on curved or bent shapes while maintaining its durability and safety properties.

Double-Arc Curved Tempered Glass

Double-arc bent tempered glass, that is, bent tempered glass with different radii on the top and bottom curves. That’s why it’s difficult to make, with the following production challenges:

Production Difficulties:

  1. Precision Heating and Cooling: One of the primary challenges in producing double-arc bent tempered glass is the precise control of heating and cooling during the tempering process. The glass must be heated uniformly to its softening point and then cooled rapidly to create the desired curved shape. Any deviation in temperature can result in defects or irregularities.
  2. Mold Design: The creation of custom molds is crucial in shaping double-arc bent glass. The design and construction of these molds require precision and attention to detail. Any imperfections in the molds can lead to distorted glass shapes.
  3. Quality Control: Ensuring the quality and safety of double-arc bent tempered glass is paramount. Strict quality control measures are implemented to detect any imperfections or inconsistencies in the glass, which could compromise its integrity or safety.
  4. Waste Reduction: The production process often results in a certain amount of waste due to irregular shapes or defects. Minimizing waste and optimizing the yield of usable glass is a continuous challenge in the production of double-arc bent tempered glass.

The Creative Process:

To bring our client’s vision to life, we started working together. We carefully planned the design and production of the double curved tempered glass panels. Precision was of utmost importance, as any variation could compromise the project’s integrity.

Our engineering team employed cutting-edge technology to create custom molds for each curved panel. The glass was then tempered and laminated to meet safety and durability standards. The result was a set of stunning, double curved tempered glass panels, ready to adorn the innovative glass fence.

Customization and Installation

On-the-spot solutions that far exceeded the client’s expectations

Due to the client’s lack of expertise and experience and facing a shortage of spare parts, our engineers on site quickly took interim measures to overcome these unforeseen obstacles.

As each double curved tempered glass panel was carefully positioned and secured, it became evident that the fence was transforming into a work of art. The interplay of light and form was simply mesmerizing, making it a focal point of the outdoor space.

Later, according to the customer’s feedback, compared to other companies, our company’s engineers operated in a more professional manner and had a higher ability to provide solutions that far exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Customization of Double-Arc Bent Tempered Glass Customer Case

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The Final Effect – A Vision Realized

The double-arc bent tempered glass not only enhanced the academy’s aesthetics but also ensured the safety and security. The environment exuded an air of modernity and elegance, a true testament to the transformative power of architectural glass.

Visual Representation 1

Customization of Double-Arc Bent Tempered Glass Customer Case

Visual Representation 2


The Lithuanian Health academy’s choice to invest in double-arc bent tempered glass was a testament to their commitment to both safety and design excellence. The collaboration between the academy and our company was marked by customization, professional installation, and the ability to overcome installation challenges.

VSOM‘s dedication to perfection and our expertise in architectural glass solutions set us apart. We offer a wide range of glass, including laminated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, curved glass, and decorative glass for individuals, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies.

If you’re looking to improve safety and aesthetics in your space, trust in our expertise with bent tempered glass. Contact us today. Your space deserves the best, and we are here to deliver it.

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