Curved tempered glass is not only used in various fields such as stairs, but also popular for elevator exterior glass. A New York customer was looking for high-quality glass for a series of elevator projects for home elevators, and we specially provided a curved tempered glass solution according to his requirements.

Project Introduction

Our company’s transparent tempered curved glass has many significant advantages. First of all, it has excellent strength and can withstand various pressures and impacts during the operation of the elevator, providing reliable safety for passengers. Its excellent technological characteristics allow the tempered glass to be bent into various graceful arcs to meet the unique design needs of different elevators and add dynamic artistic beauty to the building. In addition, this glass has excellent light transmittance, allowing ample light to pass through, creating a bright and transparent elevator environment.

The customer has extremely high standards for the quality and performance of the glass. The transparent tempered curved glass has excellent strength and stability, which fully meets their considerations for the safety of the elevator exterior wall. After in-depth inspection and rigorous testing, the customer is very satisfied with the quality of our company’s products.

Throughout the cooperation process

Our team maintained close and efficient communication with American customers, and every step was carefully planned from custom glass specifications to delivery details. Our professional technical team provides customers with comprehensive technical support and solutions to ensure that the transparent tempered curved glass can perfectly match their elevator design.

Production process

Flat glass is heated to the softening point, and then cooled quickly and evenly with cold air to make curved tempered glass. This process ensures that the glass has good performance and quality.


The radius of the curved arc is precisely controlled in strict accordance with the requirements, which greatly reduces the difficulty of customer installation and makes the entire installation process easy and smooth.


We attach great importance to and pay attention to packaging safety. We use strong and reliable packaging materials to carefully wrap and protect the curved tempered glass to ensure that the glass can be properly protected during transportation and handling and will not be damaged by external factors.


Once the transparent tempered curved glass is successfully installed on the exterior of the elevator, it will present a stunning visual effect. Its elegant curves not only add a unique charm to the elevator, but also complement the surrounding environment.

We are always committed to providing customers with the best products and services. In terms of service, we will meet customers’ needs with a sincere attitude, professional quality and efficient actions, so that customers can truly feel our dedication and thoughtfulness. We also hope that you can choose us, and we look forward to maintaining a long-term cooperative relationship with you.