Glass Splashback: Popular usage in the kitchen

The kitchen glass splashback refers to the wall in front of the sink and the stove. It can not only prevent oil splashing but is one of the important visual focuses in the kitchen.

Now It is popularly used in the kitchen, which is beautiful and easy to clean. It can be made in different designs with customized size and shape, color, etc.

Glass splashback choice

1. Coloured  kitchen splashback

It can be made in different colors, gray, green, blue, yellow, red, etc, and any other available color, it can bring your kitchen differently.

colored glass
tinted glass

2. Printed  kitchen  splashback

You can make any pattern you need on the glass, allowing you to create a kitchen that perfectly reflects your personality.

printed glass
decorative glass

3. Mirror kitchen splashback

Using mirror glass makes you feel like you have more space - making the kitchen appear bigger.

But do remember that it must use toughened glass for the kitchen.

black mirror glass
black mirror glass

4. Textured/patterned  kitchen splashback

Using textured/patterned glass will make your kitchen looks more modern and in a unique design.

textured glass
textured glass



Size: Min. 200x300mm, Max.3300mmx13000mm, custom sizes.

Requirement: It needs to be resistant up to 400°C.

Material: Must be tempered.


Advantage: It is sturdy and durable but also easy to clean and install; just attach them to the wall with screws. And the price is very competitive.

Disadvantage: Once the splash plate of this material is installed, it will be very troublesome to replace it later.