Hot bending glass sample for cabinet

Information for this order: It is 5+0.76pvb+5mm laminated hot bending glass. The client uses this curved glass for the display cabinet. As it is a U shape with a small radius, it can’t be made by curved tempered, so we produce it by hot bending.

And, because of this U shape, it is easy to break or have bubbles when doing lamination. To get the perfect sample for our client, we reproduce the glass again and again, finally, find the solution to avoid breaking and bubbles during lamination. Below are some photos for reference.

hot bending glass

The difference between hot bending glass and bending tempered glass

  1. Manufacturing Technique: Hot bending glass is processed by pre-processing (cutting and grinding to the required size) and then heating to the softening temperature, then bending it to shape by its own weight or external force and natural cooling to make the required arc-shaped glass. Bending tempered glass or bending heat-reinforced glass is made by rapid air cooling by special equipment after the glass is bent into shape.
  2. Processing Regular Specifications: Hot bending glass:3.4mm-19mm; maximum size: 3000mmx6000mm. Bent tempered glass: 5mm-19mm; maximum size: 2400mmx4200mm.
  3. Variety of product styles: Hot bending glass products have a variety of styles; Bending tempered glass has a single style, which is only suitable for curved arcs with limited radius.
  4. Product safety performance: Hot bending glass is unsafe; Bending tempered glass is safety glass; when it breaks, the fragments will not hurt people.

Application of hot bending glass

Hot-bending glass is often used in aquariums, display cabinets, curtain walls, turnstiles, etc. The unique shape increases the beauty and improves the quality. Of course, hot-bent glass is often used on walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and to meet customers’ special requirements for home decoration design. The soft lines of curved glass can often create a more natural and harmonious home environment.