How to solve the laminated glass degumming problem

Laminated glass forms two or more layers of glass into a co-stressed combination through the excellent adhesion of the interlayer film adhesive layer. This feature enhances the bearing capacity of the laminated glass component before it is broken and provides a specific bearing capacity after cracking. The bonding performance between the interlayer and the glass sheet is a crucial factor affecting the overall performance of the laminated glass. There are three main types of laminated glass bond failure:

  • Adherent failure (glass body failure)
  • Cohesive failure (adhesive layer failure)
  • Adhesion failure (glass and glue layer detachment)

Under the action of various external factors, when the force between the film and the glass exceeds its adhesive strength, the film and the glass are separated, which appears to be air bubbles, warped edges, white edges, etc. Its essence is Adhesion failure, also known as degumming.

For this problem, we could have the below solution to improve:

  • In the selection stage of laminated glass raw materials, we should strictly control the glass surface’s flatness and the interlayer film’s moisture content. Otherwise, it will cause irreversible adverse effects on the bonding performance of the glass-film interface.
  • In the deep processing stage of laminated glass, we should appropriately handle the glass opening, edge treatment, and colored glazed glass. In addition, we should strictly control the lamination environment’s cleanliness and humidity and the autoclave temperature during the lamination process.
  • We should prohibit strong plugging and complex installation during the installation process of laminated glass.
  • The prevention and control of degumming of laminated glass need to be jointly controlled from raw material selection, deep processing, use and maintenance, and other stages. It is necessary to use suitable raw materials. Strictly maintain operation standardization while processing laminated glass and require good design and maintenance.