Our VSOM company received customers from the United States who were looking for the most suitable material for the railings of the staircase platform of their luxury villa, and our company’s 12mm ultra-clear curved tempered glass became their first choice.

Project Introduction

12mm ultra-clear curved tempered glass shows unparalleled advantages. It has super strength and provides solid and reliable safety for the villa staircase platform. Even in the face of various impacts and pressures in daily use, it is still indestructible. The ultra-clear characteristics make the glass extremely pure and transparent, ensuring that the staircase area is well-lit, bright and elegant. The arc process gives the glass a unique shaping ability, which perfectly fits the arc design of the villa stairs and adds an artistic atmosphere.

In the process of cooperation

We maintain close communication with our customers and deeply understand their specific needs and expectations for railings. Our professional team provides comprehensive technical guidance and customized solutions to ensure that the glass railings are perfectly integrated with the overall style of the villa.


The ultra-clear and ultra-transparent characteristics make its visual effect extremely stunning, reducing reflections and reflections, allowing you to see the opposite material more clearly through the glass, presenting a pure beauty that makes people deeply attracted at first glance.


In terms of size accuracy, it is far higher than the international standard error, which undoubtedly brings great convenience to the customer’s installation and allows the entire installation process to be carried out easily and smoothly.


We have advanced equipment, which provides a solid guarantee for production. At the same time, our technical team is experienced and skilled. With superb skills and professional capabilities, they can produce many difficult curved tempered glass.


Whether it is a complex curved arc or a demanding requirement for details, it can be perfectly realized, showing excellent craftsmanship and the ultimate pursuit of quality, providing customers with more diverse and high-quality choices.

Under the extremely strict quality requirements of American customers, our company’s 12mm ultra-clear curved tempered glass easily passed their inspection with excellent quality. From the selection of glass materials to the production process, we pursue excellence in every step.


This cooperation with American customers has really created a very unique stair railing for the villa, and it has also made our company known to more people internationally. The customer is extremely satisfied with the final result, which is what we always strive for. We are always committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services for use in their construction projects.

For example, in other similar projects, the high strength of 12mm ultra-clear curved tempered glass allows residents to have no worries, the ultra-clear visual effect creates an elegant atmosphere, and the curved design makes the design more flexible and diverse. These advantages make it very popular in high-end villa projects.