Information for U profile glass


U profile glass is also known as trough glass. It is a glass with a U-shaped cross-section. It has the characteristics of good lighting, heat insulation, sound insulation, noise prevention, high mechanical strength, anti-aging, and light resistance. Its most significant feature is that it can bear its weight without additional horizontal support.

Application: View wall, glass curtain wall, etc

Specification: can be customized

Installation method

U profile glass can be installed in single or double layers, and we can adopt the following eight conventional combinations according to shape and function.

Construction technology

  1. Fix the aluminum frame material to the building with stainless steel bolts or rivets. Carefully scrub the inner surface of the U-shaped glass clean, and then insert it into the frame.
  2. Cut the cushioning plastic parts into corresponding lengths and put them into a fixed frame.
  3. When the U profile glass is installed to the last piece, and we cannot fill the width of the opening into the whole amount of glass, we can cut the U profile glass along the length to meet the remaining width. Still, it is better to calculate the modulus beforehand to avoid Cropped.
  4. When installing the last three pieces of U profile glass, we should insert the two pieces of glass into the frame first, and then we should install the 3rd piece of glass to closure.
  5. Adjust the temperature expansion gap between U profile glass, especially in areas with sizeable annual temperature differences.
  6. When the height of U profile glass is not more than 5m, the allowable deviation of frame verticality is 5mm;
  7. When the horizontal width of U profile glass is greater than 2m, the allowable deviation of the horizontality of the transverse member is 3mm. While when the height of U profile glass is not greater than 6m, the allowable deviation of the span deflection of the member is less than 8mm.
  8. The load borne by the frame should be directly transmitted to the building. Therefore, the U profile glass wall is non-load-bearing and cannot be stressed.
  9. When installing the glass, wipe the inner surface clean, and wipe off the dirt on the outer surface after installation.