Padel court glass in production

The photo above shows one batch of padel court tempered glass in production for one of our European customers. In general, the thickness of the glass for the padel court is 10-12mm, the size is about 2000mm*3000mm, and it needs to be countersunk. Now the glass is still in production, and these are partially countersunk as pictured.

Padel court tempered glass

Padel is a racket sport and typically plays in doubles on an enclosed court roughly 25% smaller than the size of a tennis court. Scoring is the same as regular tennis, and the balls are similar but with slightly less pressure. The main differences are that the court has walls, and we can play the balls off them similarly to the game of squash and solid, using stringless bats.

Padel court tempered glass

The tempered glass in general for paddle tennis

  • Traditional: 14 pieces of glass 3000*2000+ 4 pieces of glass 2000mm*2000mm, with 6 and 4 countersinks respectively
  • WPT: 18 pieces of glass 3000*2000, with 6 countersinks.

VSOM offers high-quality tempered glass at a reasonable price. Our strict quality control system guarantees tempered glass’s perfect flatness and appearance. With four factories’ capacity around the headquarters, we can deliver the glass in a quick time. Moreover, different package solutions are available for our customers’ better on-site handling. For more details, please get in touch with me at any time!