Sixth Time Providing SGP Glass for a Big Seattle Client’s Terrace Frameless Guardrail Glass

When it comes to architectural beauty, safety, and functionality, glass is a material that never fails to impress. And when it’s used in the construction of terrace frameless guardrails, the results can be simply breathtaking. We are proud for the sixth time, to work with our major Seattle customer to make glass for frameless guardrails for terraces

Safety and aesthetics often find themselves at odds in architectural projects, but not in our latest venture. The use of 6+1.52SGP+6MM SGP (SentryGlas Plus) terrace frameless guardrail glass strikes the perfect balance between security and style. This cutting-edge laminated glass configuration combines six layers of tempered glass, each interleaved with a 1.52mm thick SGP interlayer, resulting in a robust barrier that can withstand significant impact. This innovation has become the backbone of these frameless guardrails, giving them the ability to withstand the test of time and the unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather.

This is the sixth time we have worked with this longtime “friend” to communicate a solution based on his aesthetic and safety requirements for parapet glass, combined with the realities of the building and the lot, Frameless Parapet Glass not only met the client’s desires, but exceeded their expectations

Our collaboration is based on understanding our clients’ perspectives. In each project, we gained an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, preferences and goals. This understanding allows us to adapt our approach and come up with solutions that resonate with the client’s vision.

As we reflect on this sixth achievement, we look forward to future collaborations that allow us to continue melding safety and aesthetics in architectural endeavors.