Smart glass railing for Dubai project

In August, we just finished one smart glass railing project for a Dubai Villa project. It is 8mm+smart film+8mm laminated tempered glass. Below are some photos for your reference. You can see the 4corner is protected by plastic, so it will not destroy during the shipping period.

smart glass railing
Smart laminated glass

Information for smart glass

Smart glass is a new type of special photoelectric glass product with a sandwich structure that combines a liquid crystal film into the middle of two layers of glass and is integrated by high temperature and high pressure gluing. The user controls the transparent and opaque state of the glass by controlling the Control current switch.

The glass used in the railing

Now more and more projects will use glass for railing projects. We usually use single panel toughened glass, laminated toughened glass, patterned glass, smart glass, and decorative glass in the railing. Residence and villa project often use these standard thickness in glass railing: 10mm,12mm, 5+1.14pvb+5mm, 6+1.14pvb+6mm,6+1.52pvb+6mm ; While 15mm, 19mm, 8+1.52pvb+8mm; 10+1.52pvb+10mm is usually used for some public place, or high-rise buildings projects. Glass application location: apartments, residences, villas, shopping malls, metro stations, airports, railway stations, etc.

Advantages of using glass in railing

  • Good sunlight: glass railings are usually installed on the balcony so that the occupants can see the scenery downstairs when resting on the balcony.
  • Security: Glass railings generally use tempered glass as the panel. When broken due to the characteristics of tempered glass, the fragments formed will not cause harm to people. However, high-rise buildings use laminated glass. The EVA/PVB/SGP film in the middle of the glass has a bonding effect on the glass fragments, and the broken glass will not fall and hurt people.
  • Resistance to climate change: Compared with the stainless steel railings, the glass railings are more able to block strong winds and heavy rain due to the integrity of the glass, and will not cause excessive water accumulation on the balcony on rainy days.
  • Easy maintenance: The durability of the glass is very long-lasting without the action of external force. It is convenient for daily cleaning and wiping, and at the same time, it is corrosion-resistant.